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Peptide Bond Formation
Condensation Reaction
  • Amino Acids join & form Polypeptide Chains
  • Water is eliminated for each bond formed

Peptide Bond Formation

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    * Amino acids bind to each other to make polypeptide chains via a condensation reaction, which involves the elimination of a water molecule for each bond formed.
  • We show two amino acids next to each other with the carboxylic acid group of the first amino acid next to the amino group of the second amino acid.
  • We encircle both the hydroxyl group of amino acid 1 and also one of the hydrogen atoms on the amino group of amino acid 2.
    • These molecules are being eliminated as H2O.
  • We show the two amino acids joined together with the carboxyl C from amino acid 1 single-bonded to the N from amino acid 2.